Prime-Time Health Online 28-Day “Love Your Body” Wellness Challenge!


Join me in February for my Prime-Time Health Online 28-Day “Love Your Body” Wellness Challenge!   Have you been neglecting your body?  Do you need more energy, more quality sleep, less stress?


My challenge is designed for you to show your body some LOVE!   Too often, life gets in the way of us loving our bodies!  Whether you want to lose some weight, reduce stress, or lower one of the highs (high blood pressure, high blood sugar, high blood fats,etc.) taking time to engage in healthy habits will do wonders for your body and your mind!  Prime-Time Health Online 28-Day “Love Your Body” Wellness Challenge will definitely put you on the road to better health!


We believe that the four pillars of health are lifestyle, exercise, attitude and nutrition or L.E.A.N.   By making small steps in each area, you will improve your overall health and reset your body and mind, and I will be there with you every step of the way to guide, encourage and cheer you on!


Each day, you will receive a daily challenge that will focus on one of the four pillars of health.  In addition, to the daily challenges, you will have access to Dr. Sears’ health transforming , Prime-Time Health eLearning videos and information that will provide you with 9 tools for healthy aging in 9 sessions (over the 28 days or 4-Weeks). These are tools you can easily incorporate into your daily routine, so you can continue your healthy habits long after the program ends.


I want you to be successful, so a Weekly Conference Call, with me,  will give you an opportunity to ask questions to ensure your success, as well as,  engaging with other participants to share tips, successes, frustrations and to stay motivated.  All this, in the privacy of your own home, at your own pace.


Are you ready to show your body some LOVE?!   Register here on my website.


Click on “Coaching” on the navigation bar. Then click on “Adults and Seniors.”   Scroll down to Prime-Time Health Online.  


Register by January 20th and receive 35% off the regular price of $59.   Use Promo Code “WC2020” at checkout to receive your savings!



You will receive your login information to participate, January 31st, 1 day before start of program.  Last day to register is Thursday, January 30th.


Questions? Contact me at 708-300-2422 or email


I look forward to meeting you and getting to know you better during the 28-Day “Love Your Body” Wellness Challenge!   


Your partner in health and wellness,
Coach Cindy


  1. Marva Robinson

    Hi Cynthia, Is this your first challenge? I think this will help me. I’ve already lost weight and watching what I eat. With all the health problems in our family I need to take better care of myself. I will register soon. Thanks Marva

    • Hi Marva,
      CONGRATULATIONS to you for taking steps to improve your health! Yes, family health problems are why I became a health coach. The information I have learned as a health coach has transformed my health and life. Yes, this is my first challenge as a business. However, I have been teaching Prime-Time Health healthy aging workshops since 2015. I got the idea of doing a challenge from some of the wellness challenges I have participated in over the years. I thought it would be a great idea to offer something other than just the online workshop. There is a session where we will focus on how to better manage stress. I look forward to you taking on the Challenge! Thank you!

      Cynthia “Coach Cindy”