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Lifestyle Change Program

One-on-One Wellness Coaching with Coach Cindy


My Lifestyle Change Program is all about you living your best life.  To live their best life, most people find that some improvements must be made to their way of living, their lifestyle.  Making those improvements and changes can be challenging and daunting when you attempt to do it all by yourself.   Great news……you don’t have to go it alone!  Let me be your ALLY!



My goal is to assist you in becoming self-sufficient in your wellness, so that you can live a healthy life in a completely sustainable way.

Lifestyle Change Packages*


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Lifestyle Change Package A   

"The Jump-Starter" 

This package is for you if you want to reset and supercharge your metabolism and energy level.

  • One 1-Hour Consultation
  • Four 45-Minute Follow-up Sessions
  • Short-Term Goal
  • Easy-to-Implement Action Steps and Information
  • Mid-Week Check-in Email/Text from Coach
  • Installment Payments Available

1 Month Coaching Package

Price: $189  Introductory Price!  LIMITED TIME!

Lifestyle Change Package B

"Renew You" 

This package is for you if you have gotten off track with your health and wellness and would like to get back on track coming out the other side healthier, stronger and better than before.

  • One 90 Minute Foundation Session
  • Twelve 45-Minute Weekly Follow-up Sessions
  • Written Report after Each Session
  • Short-Term and Long Term Goals
  • Personalized Wellness Plan
  • Ongoing Evaluation of Goals
  • Written Feedback Report
  • Installment Payments Available

3-month Coaching Package          

Price: $726   


Lifestyle Change Package C


This package is for you if you're ready to transform your health/body from the inside  out. Great for anyone who is looking to lose weight, prevent chronic conditions,  improve chronic conditions, and/or reverse chronic conditions.

  • Two 1-Hour Foundation Sessions
  • Twenty-Four 45-Minute Weekly Follow-up Sessions
  • Short-Term and Long-Term Goals
  • Written Report after Each Session
  • Mid-Week Check-in Emails/Texts from Coach
  • Personalized Wellness Plan
  • Ongoing  Evaluation of Goals
  • 6-month Maintenance Plan
  • Refresher Package (no additional cost to you)
  • Installment Payments Available


6-Month Coaching Package

Price: $1, 379

Lifestyle Change Package D


Single 1-hour session available for anyone who has completed a program and would like some additional support to stay on track.

Price: $71.50


Weekly In-person, Telephonic and/or Video-Conferencing Sessions ; 45 minutes in length;  Email/Text support between sessions  & Installment Payments. 

Due to  COVID-19, no in-person sessions until further notice. 



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Coach Cindy received her Advanced Wellness/Health Training and Certification from Real Balance Global World Services. Real Balance GWS provides the leading edge in wellness/health coach training, behavioral change tools, wellness coach program consultation, and resources for all wellness coaches and wellness coaching programs around the world. Real Balance Wellness Mapping 360°™ methodology provides a systematic framework for wellness and healthcare professionals to work with their clients and patients in making the positive lifestyle changes they need to make to increase health and well-being.